Do you eat a lot of sugar?
Is it hard for you to skip something sweet after your meals?

Well who can blame you. Sugar is sweet and easy to fall in love with, but the fact is, that in our modern society we consume way too much of it - so much so, that many of us are now becoming addicted to sugar and it's quickly affecting our lives, families, careers and overall health.
High consumption levels of sugar diminishes our energy levels. It affects our concentration, our sex lives and is a primary factor in chronic fatigue, obesity, depression, heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, premature aging, gum and tooth decay, cancer, and a weakened immune system.
What Would Your Life and Career Be Like,
if You Enjoyed Higher Levels of Energy and Concentration?
If you took sugar out of your life you would be able to reconnect with your better self - but if you are dealing with a sugar addiction you will need professional help doing so. We hooked up with Scandinavia’s leading addiction specialist, Bitten Jonsson, in order to create a workshop that could help you. Bitten has worked with addictive disorders and sugar dependency for 22 years. Over the years her research and treatment models have helped thousands of people recover from sugar addiction.
And now it is your turn! This transforming workshop was created so that you too, no matter where you are located in the world, can tab into Bitten’s unique knowledge and work methods. Normally her classes cost thousands of kronor – but through this exclusive online video course you will be able to take your first steps towards your new life much more cost effectively – and all in the comfort of your own home! 
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About Bitten Jonsson

Bitten Jonsson is a registered nurse with several years of experience in the United States and Sweden and over the years she has treated thousands of people. She has worked with addictive disorders for 22 years, and specifically with sugar dependency during the last 18 years.
Bitten is ADDIS ® - qualified since the early 90's and have developed - and she is one of two in the world that makes ADDIS specifically for sugar addiction.
She is a successfull writer and she has written two bestsellers on sugar addiction, "Sockerbomben" (The Sugar Bomb) and "Sockerfria kokboken" (The Sugarfree Cookbook). She lectures and teaches all over Europe and in the US and offers numerous courses and training for people with addiction and for professionals. 
Bitten and many of her colleagues are convinced that sugar is the basis of all addictions. Therefore she has developed a specific treatment model that has its roots in the fields of American dependence medication, integrated functional medicine and anti-aging. The model focuses on the brain in particular and stresses that each of us are biochemically unique. With the right knowledge of your own unique biochemistry, you can prevent disease and live a healthier, longer and richer life.
Learn more about Bitten on her webpage


Part 1 Addiction - an introduction (48 min 23 sec)   


- The importance of understanding the brain
- We are all biochemically unique
- Individual reactions and triggers
- The drugs ability to take over
- The social user, the harmful user and the addict
- The importance of getting adequate help
- The first step to a way out
- The healing process   
Part 2 Sugar addiction, what to eat, withdrawal and diagnosis (19 min 59 sec)   


- Sugar addicts are strong people
- How does a person with sugar addiction
- The necessary tools 
- Don’t dwell on the past  
- One step at a time  


Part 3 Biologically appropriate food (15 min 45 sec)   


- How can we keep our brains content? 
- What should a sugar addict eat? 


Part 4 Relapse prevention and treatment (19 min 25 sec)   



- Learn the techniques and change the  
  patterns before it happens
- Risk situations and hidden warning signals
- The red and the blue dog  


Part 5 Recovery (6 min 13 sec)   


- Recovery development
- Put yourself first
- Don't be on your own     



Total Time: 1 h 50 min

For those who…
 • Want to boost their energy level, feel healthier and more alive by eliminating sugar from their lives.
 • Feel sugar is an unwanted, unneccessary part of their lives and want control over their cravings. 
 • Believe they might have a sugar addiction and want to learn more. 
 • Want to get all of the necessary knowledge to manage their addiction, now and in the future.  
 • Have taken a class with Bitten and wish to be reminded of the tools learned.
 • For those who in their profession meet people challenged with sugar addiction.    
This workshop will give you…
  • A clear picture, both physiologically and psychologically, of the effect sugar has on your                               body and brain.
  • A greater understanding of what causes addiction, and how you can actively work on it in                             order to live a balanced and sugar free life.
  • The handson tools you need to master your cravings and eliminate sugar once and for all.
  • Encouraging and strong messages that will strendthen your ability to stick to your new healthy lifestyle.   

Who is it for?

What to expect!

I'm a recovered sugar addict myself

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”You can choose to live in recovery in a peaceful, happy and harmonious life”

User Experiences

"It was the first time I did a workshop online, so I had no expectations. I soon discovered the benefits. A big advantage is that you can see and listen to the workshop bit by bit in your own pase. Sugar addiction is a heavy subject and it can not be absorbed in to big portions at the time. It's great to be able to watch the workshop any time of the day or night, and that you, after logging out and taking a break, get back to the place you were last when you log on again. The ability to go back over and over again is good. Good, good, good"! Helene
"I have taken a course with Bitten, I'm myself dependent on sugar. The workshop in itself contains nothing new for me. The reason I'm still watching it so much as I actually do is that Bitten's words, her voice and body language makes me remember so much more of what she has thought me. It's a bit like being back on the course, and it gives me security and above all strength to continue. And hope, not the least". Christina
"Bitten's workshop reminds me of the tools for dealing with sugar addiction. I can go back and listen again when I need to be reminded of what I need to do. The workshop invites me to act, to do what it takes to recover". Annica    
"The workshop gave me a deeper insight about the disease of addiction's multifaceted impact. Bitten is superb in conveying hope and light. It is possible to live a life in balance, with a chronic illness". 
Gunilla Sahlin (author of the book "Vitt begär")    

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VIDEO: The transforming online video workshop "SUGAR ADDICTION" 

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Course Outline

Being a sugar addict is a constant battle - but a battle you can winn!                            I know. I was an addict myself!

In 1985, my former husband realized I needed help in my struggle with alcoholism. The treatment I was given back then opened my eyes to the complex, yet facinating, reactions our body and brain have when it comes to addictions.

A couple of years later I quit smoking and suddenly realized how my cravings for sugar and refined carbs had increased dramatically. In fact I found myself behaving exactly the way I did with alcohol: I did not want to see and recognize I had a problem, I hid sweets and ate on the sly, and I always wanted more. Thanks to my previous knowledge about addiction I quickly realized I was sick. I knew it had nothing to do with bad character but with me be biochemically unique. I also knew I needed adequate and professional help.

Since then I have devoted my life to helping others. I have worked with addictive disorders for 22 years, and specifically with sugar dependency during the last 18 years. Over the years my research and treatment models have helped thousands of people beat sugar addiction.  

Being a sober sugar addict is much tougher than being a recovering alcoholic. You don't need the alcohol in the same way you need food. The body must have it and it's constantly around you. You can't exactly ask your friends not to eat! So being a sugar addict is a daily struggle. A good period can easily turn tough when you are experiencing extreme cravings without understanding why.

But you can return to a healthy and normal life - you just need the right mindset and tools to do so. I truly hope that this online video course will give you just that. That by passing on all of my knowledge to you you will be able to take that first step towards the healthy and happy life you deserve.

You've got nothing to lose!

and More Alive, Simply by Changing 


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Your "Sugar Habits" and Controlling Your Cravings!







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Over the years her research and treatment models have helped thousands of people recover from sugar addiction - now it is your turn.

A 2-hour online video course that helps you boost your energy, feel healthier and more alive simply by eliminating sugar from your life!

Easy to follow every day best practices - available on your computer, mobile or tablet.

Packed with Bitten Jonsson's in-depth knowledge about the symptoms, effect and treatment of the addiction.